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ViteX lubricant oil is a lubricant brand trusted by many customers, with good and stable quality.

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When you come to ViteX Lubricants, you come to the product quality criteria that are the core of our development.

When you place your trust in doing business and using ViteX Lubricants, you will understand the motto that customer benefits come first.

Vitex Lubricants are produced on a semi-automatic mixing line with even and precise mixing ratios.

Vitex Lubricant has been trusted by many customers as a product of good and stable quality.

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Vitex Lubricant is produced from 100% imported additives from world-famous brands and group II base oil, helping your beloved car always drive like new.

Vitex Lubricant is recognized by many customers as a product of good and stable quality.

Enhance Ester Core additive, ensuring compliance with lubrication and cooling criteria according to API and JASO standards. Suitable for car and boat engines operating at maximum capacity.

VITEXCO believes that oil and gas will remain an important part of the global energy mix for decades to come. Our role is to ensure the exploitation and supply of energy resources is both profitable and environmentally & socially responsible.

VITEXCO wants to work closely with customers, partners and policy makers to promote more efficient and sustainable use of energy and natural resources.

VITEXCO always meets the most stringent technical requirements of leading machinery and equipment manufacturers in the world. Along with the modern production line is advanced tri-Act technology, researched by leading experts in the field of lubricants.

VITEXCO brings to the Vietnamese market lubricant lines with excellent quality and superior features, ensuring that customers' equipment and machinery are always best protected, operate smoothly, and prolong their life. reduce environmental pollution. Thereby contributing to bringing benefits to industries in general and consumers in particular.

VITEXCO With a vision and mission to meet the increasingly diverse needs of customers, VITEXCO has continuously conducted research on the lubricant market in Vietnam. From there, we bring customers the products most suitable for geographical conditions, climate and operating environment of equipment and machinery. VITEXCO's main blended products include: motorbike lubricants, automotive engine lubricants, marine and other industrial lubricants.

VITEXCO All of them meet and exceed international standards API, ACEA, ISO, JASO,... Thus, providing customers with a perfect lubrication solution with a variety of options and absolute peace of mind. , cost savings and thoughtful after-sales service.



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