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ViteX lubricant oil is a lubricant brand trusted by many customers, with good and stable quality.




As one of the most popular means of transportation in our country today, scooters may no longer be unfamiliar to many people. However, like other vehicles, users often make the same mistake: they rarely pay attention to choosing lubricants for their vehicles. Because of this, our car “disintegrates” faster than ever after being driven for a while. Only by choosing and changing car oil regularly can we maintain the engines inside our car, not only making them wear less but also moving more smoothly as desired.

*Lubricant – Increases the life of our car engine.

If we want the engine to function well, our car must be equipped with good lubricants. Without this valuable material, our car would not be able to operate well. The engine’s metal surface rubs hard and quickly, generating a large amount of heat and soot. Without lubricating oil to act as a barrier and heat sink, our cars will quickly catch fire and be damaged.

Keeping your car’s engine smooth, as well as the time you should change the oil, helps your car maintain its desired lifespan.

So when should we change the car’s oil?

*The car oil change stage includes the following basic stages

– Change the car’s oil after traveling 300 km.

– Change the car’s oil after traveling 700 km.

– Change the car’s oil after traveling 1500 km.

And after the first three stages, every 2000km-3000km we should change the car’s oil once to help the car operate better.

*Should I choose genuine car oil or foreign car oil?

Normally, during the first two oil changes, we can choose the car’s genuine oil, but in the following times we should choose external oil because they are much better than genuine car oil.

*What are some of the most popular types of lubricants today?

– Topping the voting are: Vitex, Motul, Castrol, Shell, Mobi.

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