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For many people, the important thing after buying a motorbike is taking care of it. Especially for scooters, changing the vehicle’s oil is an extremely necessary thing. Lubricants greatly affect the performance and longevity of the engine.

In case the user does not have much experience in changing the oil for scooters, they can consult with those who have been riding scooters, go to a motorbike shop and ask  to learn more. Below Here are some questions about changing scooter oil.

1.Why do we need to change the oil for scooters?

During the process of using the vehicle, the lubricant will be contaminated with road dust, sand, and additives, and the vehicle engine will no longer operate smoothly. Therefore, we must change the scooter’s oil after a certain period of time. These periods of time are called oil change intervals.

2. When to change the oil?

The time to change the vehicle’s oil depends on many factors, the most important of which are distance traveled and time, in addition it also depends on external conditions: weather, climate… Usually manufacturers Motorbike will give advice to its customers based on the technical specifications and characteristics of each vehicle model. Manufacturers advise that you should change the oil for old scooters and motorbikes after traveling about 1,000-1,500km, but actually, the oil change cycle for each type of vehicle is different and you should refer to added right in the vehicle owner’s manual. You can refer to motorcycle forums to understand the pros and cons of each type of vehicle and from there have appropriate options to change the oil for your vehicle.

3. Oil change process

Before changing the scooter’s oil, you need to remove all the old oil, then tilt the scooter to let the old oil drain out and then use a steam hose to blow the remaining oil out.

A scooter engine is hotter than a manual vehicle engine because it is covered. In addition, the continuously variable belt drive system makes the engine always have to operate at full capacity, so lubricants for scooters not only satisfy not only meets the need for engine lubrication but also must have higher heat resistance than manual cars. In particular, you need to pay attention to the amount of oil when changing because if you change too much it will make the engine hot and the car will be heavy, if too little it will not be enough to lubricate the engine.

When buying oil, you must carefully read the information on the bottle to ensure it is suitable for your vehicle. In addition, you need to carefully check the packaging and labels. The new lubricant bottle will have a seal membrane to seal the bottle mouth and the plastic layer above. This is an important point to ensure the quality of the lubricant bottle.

After changing the oil, you need to tilt the car to both sides to ensure the oil flows evenly in the car, then step on the starter lever to send the oil to the engines, followed by starting the car engine for a few minutes before driving.

4. Choose the right oil for your car?

Lubricants for scooters have two important parameters: API performance level and SAE viscosity level. When buying lubricant, you need to pay attention to these two parameters to check whether it is suitable for the type of vehicle you are using or not?

On the ViteX scooter lubricant market, you can currently buy it at authorized distributors and stores to ensure the best performance of your scooter engine.

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